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Creation and development of the Company



Joint stock venture LADA-FLAKT Ltd was found in August 02, 1993 in Togliatti in accordance with agreement between Finnish division Fläkt of international Group ABB and the greatest Russian automobile factory “AUTOVAZ”.



Distinguished Shareholders had a wealth of experience – economical, operational, commercial. But new entrant LADA-FLAKT had to start – in the truest sense of the world – from nothing: to build up production on the space of the former storage, beginning from foundation pour and sewage system.






Projection of experience of outside manufacturers to the Russian realities of 90s was not worriless and free from confusions. LADA-FLAKT Company adopted foreign experience and in some points became far superior to founder companies and was able to teach them lessons of competitive survival during start-up process in Russian business environment.

Like-minded persons built up and developed the innovative business, they began to create excellent products joining designing mind,engineering enterprise and the drive to productive labor.


LADA-FLAKT began from manufacturing of industrial axial flow fans AXIPAL under foreign producer license. Step-by-step traineeship developed into partnership and Company crossed over old nomenclature line and launched cooperative business with Flakt Woods International Group. Now LADA-FLAKT occupies the leading position in Russian industrial ventilation market.


Production tasks became more challenging. For operational reasons Company had to expend production floor and upgrade industrial capacity. High technologies and new forms of labor organization are consistently put into practice.



LADA-FLAKT Quality Management System was introduced and certified in November 2000 among the first in its industry sector. At regular times LADA-FLAKT undergoes quality recertification for confirmation the complying with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001:2008. Ecological Management System is also certified for complying with the requirement of GOST R ISO 14001-2007.






During the participation in all-Russian competition “100 Top Russia Products” since 2000,our goods annuallybecame finalists. In 2011 our twenty ventilation units obtained the title “The best product of the year” in Volga Federal District.

LADA-FLAKT always offers a good choice of products and engineering solutions on the field of ventilation and conditioning for every sector of the national economy. It is possible to see LADA-FLAKT manufactured articles in oil-refining and gas processing plants; in painting shops of automobile factories and drying cabinets of small producers; in ventilation systems of metro, tunnels and modern railroad passenger cars; in agricultural industry and nuclear stations.  Reliability, quality and uninterrupted performance are identifying features of LADA-FLAKT products.