Specialists know that summarized term «ventilation» is understood as the wide range of ventilation equipment and ventilation technologies, in which it is very difficult for nonexpert to find a decision for choice and evaluation of supplier.
LADA-FLAKT engineers always propose the most efficient solution for complex selection of equipment, keeping in mind the quality subcomponent, as well.


Value system of our Company was composed in distant 90s and was always considered in view of qualitative approach to the solving any problem of ventilation designing and manufacturing.


All LADA-FLAKT staff refers to the Company as to the living developing system, many employees had been working in the Company since the foundation. During the past two decades,working dynasties appeared in LADA-FLAKT. Young staff members bring in original ideas and fresh thinking to the work flow, at the same time they understand that gathered experience must be held in trust for present and successive challenges.


LADA-FLAKT management follows a policy of planned and firmly Company development basing on high technologies and achievements.


Advanced machinery for producing ventilation equipment is the investment to the present and future days of the Company, since Company does not want to give up its leading position and loose its authority on the Russian market.


Company is the owner of the trademarks LADA-FLAKT and AXIPAL (Certificates N 308938 and N 346317 of Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks).